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    Pavel Caha Thesis

    The nanosyntax of case – Munin – UiT for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor. The nanosyntax of case. Pavel Caha. UNIVERSITY OF TROMSØ. Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Linguistics (CASTL). July 2009. The nanosyntax of case Pavel Caha. July 2009 nbsp; Mgr. Pavel Caha, Ph. D. Masaryk University . caha . MU Faculty or unit, Department of Linguistics and Baltic Languages Faculty of Arts. Mgr. Pavel Caha, Ph. D. Masaryk University – Masarykova univerzita . CAHA, Pavel. Notes on insertion in Distributed Morphology and Nanosyntax. In Lena Baunaz, Liliane Haegeman, Karen De Clercq, and Eric Lander. Exploring Nanosyntax. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018. s. 57-87, 31 s. Oxford Studies in Comparative nbsp; The nanosyntax of case – LingBuzz – Auf . Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Humanities, University of Tromsø, July 2009. Page 2. ii. 0. 1 Acknowledgments. I would like to thank the supervisor of this thesis, Michal Starke, for help, advice In this thesis, I propose that the tight constraint on syncretism, the Univer- sal Contiguity nbsp; The Nanosyntax of Case – lingbuzz/000956 July 2009. One of the assumptions frequently made in works on case is that cases such as nominative and accusative are not primitive entities, but they are each composed of various features. The central hypothesis of this dissertation is that these features are universal, and each of them is its own terminal node nbsp; Explaining the structure of case paradigms by the – LingBuzz – Auf . Received: date / Accepted: date. Abstract This paper looks in detail at the Classical Armenian declension. I highlight several generalizations that can be read off the surface paradigms, . News – SFF Pavel Caha from the Czech Republic is pleased to have started his research career so far north. quot;There are lots of opportunities for doctoral fellows here, quot; he Pavel Caha has just defended his thesis on syntax and the morphology of case at CASTL. I was interested in the research here and submitted an nbsp; The German locative-directional alternation SpringerLink I investigate the locative-directional alternation in German, expressed by the change of case on the complement of a preposition, and its consequences for the theory of case in general. I argue that o. LOT dissertation series 345 – Utrecht University Repository , by discussing their ideas with me, by commenting on parts of this work, or by providing judgments and new data: Doug Arnold, Sjef Barbiers, Josef Bayer, Eefje Boef, Andreas Blümel, . Bob Borsley, Pavel Caha, Marcel den Dikken, Gisbert Fanselow, Caroline Féry nbsp; Classical Armenian Declension – Semantic Scholar . CASTL, University of Tromsø. Abstract. This paper looks in detail at the Classical Armenian declension. I argue that the system provides insights into two central issues in this empirical domain: the This paper is an extension of a chapter in my dissertation, and consequently, there are many people to thank.

    Universals in possessive morphology

    In order to unravel the structure of these pronouns, we use the same logic applied by Caha (2009) and Bobaljik (2012) that excludes so-called Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. 2. Caha, Pavel. 2009. The nanosyntax of case. dissertation. Tromsø: University of Tromsø. Camaj, Martin. 1984. Exploring linear contiguity – The overlapping decomposition , Pavel. . The nanosyntax of case. Tromsø: CASTL, . University of Tromsø dissertation. Cinque, Guglielmo. . Deriving Greenberg 39;s universal and its exceptions. Linguistic Inquiry . . Cinque, Guglielmo. . Mapping spatial PPs: An introduction. In. Guglielmo Cinque amp; Luigi Rizzi (eds. ), The cartography of syntactic structure nbsp; De Clercq The Nanosyntax of French Negation online – GIST , PAVEL (2009): The nanosyntax of case. PhD thesis, University of Tromsø. CARDINALETTI, ANNA amp; IAN ROBERTS nbsp; pavel caha – TBB Bike , Soki, Kryštof Pacourek, Pája Antoš, Kuba Vojáček, Jára Moravec a mnoho dalších, takže si udělejte čas a nbsp; Tobias Scheer – papers , Pavel amp; Tobias Scheer 2008. The Syntax and Phonology of Czech Templatic Morphology. Annual Workshop on Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics. The Stony Brook Meeting 2007, edited by Andrei Antoneko, John Bailyn amp; Christina Bethin, 68-83. Ann Arbor: Michigan Slavic Publications. pdf (1 Mb); Scheer nbsp; HUU-FA THESIS DAT? – CUNY Academic Works – The City This thesis discusses the differences between the Jamaican Creole expressions huu-fa and fi-huu. Jamaican Caha, Pavel. quot;Case in adpositional phrases. quot; Ms. , CASTL, Tromsø (2011). 1-29. Web. 16 April. 2014. Cassidy, Frederic Gomes. quot;Multiple etymologies in Jamaican creole. quot; American Speech nbsp; Pavel Čáha Profesionální profil – LinkedIn a pracovní příležitosti v podobných společnostech. The thesis describes main principals of the regulatory framework Solvency II and is further focused on calculation (and mathematical derivation) of the capital requirement and technical resrves. Graph Transductions and Typological Gaps in Morphological thesis, University of Tromsø. Pavel Caha. 2013. Explaining the structure of case paradigms by the mechanisms of Nanosyntax: The. Classical Armenian nominal declension. Natural. Language and Linguistic Theory 31:1015 1066. Jane Chandlee. 2014. Strictly Local Phonological Pro- cesses. Ph. D. thesis nbsp; A profile of the Hungarian DP – REAL-PhD A thesis submitted for the degree Philosophiae Doctor. University of Tromsø. Faculty of Humanities 1. 1 The domain of inquiry and aim of the thesis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1. 1. 2 Why this . . Márkus, Aniko Csirmaz, Antonio Fábregas, Marina Pantcheva and Pavel Caha. Parts of Chapter. 3 incorporate my nbsp; Nominalizations and Participles in Swedish – ResearchGate . In addition to my supervi- sors, I would like to mention Pavel Caha and Michal Starke who provided inspiration and helped me develop my thoughts at various stages of the dis- sertation. The following people also deserve special mention for important discussions and nbsp; On Location: the Structure of Case and Adpositions Nina V . Submitted Caha, Pavel. 2007. The subset principle. Ms. , University of Tromso. Calabrese, Andrea. 2006. On absolute and contextual syncretism. Remarks on the.


    , Pavel. 2009a. Classical Armenian declension. Nordlyd 36, 77 112. Caha, Pavel. 2009b. The nanosyntax of case. Ph. D. thesis, University of Tromsø. lingBuzz/000956. Calabrese, Andrea. 2010. Investigations of markedness, syncretism, and zero exponence in morphology. Morphology: 283-325. Calabrese, Andrea. On pragmatic uses of demonstratives: The case – Semantics Archive I especially profited from the comments of Pavel Caha, Amy. Rose Deal, Patrick Grosz, Itamar Praha: Euroslavica. Caha, Pavel. 2009. The nanosyntax of case: University of Tromsø dissertation. Davis, Christopher amp; Christopher Potts. 2010. Affective demonstratives and the division of prag- matic labor. Why Affixal Negation Is Syntactic – Cascadilla Proceedings Project , Pavel (2009). The Nanosyntax of Case. Ph. D. thesis, University of Tromsø, Tromsø. Corver, Norbert (1997). Much-support as a last resort. Linguistic Inquiry 28, 119 164. Cresswell, Max (1976). The semantics of degree. Partee, Barbara (ed. ), Montague Grammar, New York: Academic. Privativity in Syntax – Omer Preminger , Pavel. 2009. The nanosyntax of case. , Doctoral dissertation, Tromsø: University of. The symmetric syntax of Japanese complex verbs and Slavic prefixes about the fine- We demonstrate this thesis on the example of the sequence of syntactic heads behind Caha, Pavel. 2009. The nanosyntax of case. PhD dissertation, University of Tromsø/CASTL. Cinque, Guglielmo. 1999. Adverbs and Functional Heads: A Cross-linguistic nbsp; Proceedings – cecil 39;s 5 – Upol Special thanks are also due to Pavel Caha from Masaryk University, Brno, for the overall review of the proceedings. Ludmila thesis for tomorrow. When I only think about looking for relevant information in the materials I have collected, I prefer to watch another episode of my favourite TV programme . Pronominal Suppletion: Case and Number , Pavel (2009) The nanosyntax of case. Ph. D. thesis, University of Tromsø. Corbett, Greville (2000) Number. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Greenberg, Joseph H. (1963) Some nbsp; Deriving Partial Anti-Agreement – UC Berkeley Linguistics and Linguistic Theory . Caha, Pavel. 2009. The Nanosyntax of Case. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Tromsø. Chafiq, Mohamed. 1990. 44 lessons in the tamazight language. Arab-Africa Press. Chomsky, Noam. 2000. Minimalist inquiries: The framework. In Step by step: Essays on minimalist syntax in. A Microparametric Approach to Syncretisms in Nominal Inflection , Pavel (2009). The Nanosyntax of Case. Ph. D. thesis, University of Tromsø. Dahlstrom, Amy (2009). OBJθ without OBJ: A typology of Meskwaki objects. Butt, Miriam amp; Tracy Holloway King. (eds. ), Proceedings of the LFG09 Conference, CSLI, Stanford, 222 239.


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