Coway P-07QL Solid Water Purifier


Non-electric counter top water filtration system

Main Features:

– Continuous extraction
– Compact but large tank capacity (6.5L)
– Booster pump maintains proper water pressure and optimizes the water filtration capacity even in locales with low pressure (R type)



Sliding Lever
-If you push the cup-touch lever and let down the sliding lever, the cup-touch lever is fixed and continuous can be performed.
Consistent water pressure keeping function (P07QR)
-It supplies the main water with the consistent water pressure from the region with the water pressure and protects the inside of the product from the high water pressure.
Sealed water tank for the second pollution prevention
-To prevent the second pollution due to the penetration of the dust, bug, and other forewing body, improves the sanitary by applying the extra sealed structure to the inner water tank.