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Introducing the Q-Mist

The Q-Mist hydrogen diffuser is the secret to keeping your skin protected and well moisturized. Using two high grade titanium rods, the Q-mist can dissolved molecular hydrogen instantly.

Many studies are now finding the benefits that molecular hydrogen to keeping us healthy and younger looking.


Protect Skin from Harmful UV Rays

Hydrogen Water has been shown to protect our skin from harmful UV rays from the sun. Hydrogen will fight off the free radicals that cause us age, form wrinkles, & develop skin diseases.

Keeping Your Skin Healthy, Anywhere, Anytime

The Q-Mist was designed small so you can keep your skin moisturized anywhere & any time. Help damaged skin heal faster by using the power of dissolved hydrogen water. 

Nano Particles that Can Easily Be Absorbed by the Skin

The electrolysis process transforms water molecules into smaller clusters for maximum skin absorption. This process called micro-clustering allows water to penetrate the skin better offering maximum skin moisturizing benefits. 

Unleash the Healing Properties of Hydrogen

Generating up to 800 ppb of molecular dissolved hydrogen with mineral water. The hydrogen can heal and repair damaged skin cells, keeping your skin young & healthy. 

Hydrogen has Super Antioxidant Properties

Free radicals from oxidative is the number one cause of aging & skin disease. Molecular hydrogen ionized water a strong antioxidant that reduce skin oxidation, free radicals, and dryness of skin and spots. 

Fight acne, Stop inflammation, Protect Your Skin

Hydrogen water contains strong anti-inflammatory properties that eliminates toxins and bacterias in skin. To reduce acnes, blackheads, and other wastes. 

Hydrogen Water Test


Antioxidation Properties

After soaking paper clips in both hydrogen water and tap water for 24 hours. The paper clip in tap water started to rust whereas the one in hydrogen water stays new because of its strong antioxidant effect.

High Hydrogen, High ORP

Q-Mist generates high hydrogen concentration (up to 800 ppb) and negative ORP (up to -400 mV). Containing anti-inflammation properties that reduce acne and improve overall skin health.

The Only Nano-Scaling Hydrogen Mister

Diffusing Hydrogen Rich Water for Ultimate Skin Moisturizing Antioxidant , Shrink Pores, Moisturizing, and Anti-acne propertieshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8nQSm0KE_E&feature=youtu.be

Infusing Fine Molecular Hydrogen

Watch the Q-Mist generate tiny hydrogen bubbles while you use it. The blue LED backlight makes hydrogen generation fun & more interesting.

Ultrasonic Mist Technology

Using Ultrasonic mist technology that vibrates over a sequence of 120K times per second, creating hte finest nanoparticle for best skin absorption

Simple to Use

Rotating water tank cap

Twist and turn counter clockwise to unlock the cap and fill with water

Rotating water tank cap

12mm diameter water inlet for easy filling. 

Micro USB with Water Resistant Cap

High Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery

 Battery capacity 500mAh Lithium Polymer Battery last over 2 hours continuous use 


Hydrogen Rich Water Mister