Slim Design Free-Standing CHPI-620L





Enough storage capacity of up to 1 kg of ice

It is possible to use enough ice at homes and small offices that use a lot of ice.

Clean with stainless steel ice system

Stainless steel material is applied to core parts of ice making to clear ice.


Wide tray and ice extraction lever make it more convenient to use

You can place containers of various sizes, such as large water bottles and bowls, and it is convenient to extract ice as much as you want by pressing the extraction lever with one hand.

Lighting-sensing power saving system

The light sensor operates power-saving mode at night, thereby effectively reducing power consumption.

Coway Intensive RO1.0 filter system

RO 1.0 filter

Intensive active dense layer

removes ionic materials that are tens of thousands the size of a hair 1

Intensive coiling

delivers rich capacity of purified water with up to 24 % more dense coiling 2

1 Target substance and size: sulfate ion / 0.4 nanometer. The inspection result (water purifier performance evaluation based on KC mark) of the “Ministry of Environment Notification of Designating Standards, Specifications and Inspection Agencies for Water Purifiers” by Korea Environment Water Works Institute or Korea Conformity Laboratories, a water purifier performance testing agency, in pursuant to Article 43 of Law for the Management of Drinking Water. The performance of the product was evaluated at a pressure of 3.5kgf/cm2 on the product inlet after adding 400mg/L of tap water and sulfate ion to the tank. The removal rate was calculated after sampling and analyzing sulfuric acid ions at the end of extraction (70% based on the acceptable removal rate). As of March 2017, the sulfuric acid ion removal efficiency of the selective purification performance certificate for Coway RO water purifier currently on market in Korea: 93~100%

2 Measurement and comparison of effective membrane area of the in-house general/low-pressure RO membrane filters (RO 1.0 filters): Low-pressure RO filter is wider (18~24%) than general RO filter. Filters measured: General RO membrane filter (11,14 inches), low-pressure RO membrane filter (11,14 inches)


Substances purified by RO 1.0 filter system

1 metal / 4 pesticides / 9 disinfection by-products 3 aesthetically affecting substances / 1 bacterium 1 phenol / 10 volatile organic compounds 1 norovirus 3 aesthetically affecting substances 4 3 metals 4 ions / 16 pesticides / 10 metals 8 disinfection by-products / 7 remnant drugs 6 environmental hormones / 3 flame retardants 1 disinfectant / 14 volatile organic compounds 3 Removal rate of 15 remnant pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors in the WQA performance test based on NSF/ANSI 401 standard: (95.1~98.8)%, Coway Plus Innocence Filter (8/11/14 inches) only as of March 2017 4 The items that overlap between the nanotrap filter and RO 1.0 filter system based on the WQA performance test of the NSF/ANSI 42 standard are “taste/odor”. The nanotrap is certified for class 1 particulate matter and the RO 1.0 is certified for TDS and hardness. * Slight deviation may occur depending on the filter and use environment such as concentration, temperature, and pressure of raw water. * Actual filter appearance may vary by product. * The number of validated purification performance items for each filter mentioned above is based on the Korea Water Mark, overseas WQA NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 58 and 401 certificates and Noroven certificate. * The classification and name of each category are denoted on the basis of the company standards.