Solco Hyzen Countertop Hot & Cold Hydrogen Water System EH-3500





Do you know anything about hydrogen water?

What is Hydrogen-dissolved water? Water rich in hydrogen molecules(H2) Neutral water with the same pH level as our body Small hydrogen molecules penetrating ordinary water at high speed Water with dissolved hydrogen acting as an antioxidant Just switching your water can improve your health. Many scientists in the world support “Hydrogen-dissolved water” as an ideal antioxidant in modern days. “Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals” [Author: Shigeo Ohta, Journal: Nature Medicine, Year: 2007] “Atomic Hydrogen Surrounded by Water Molecules,H(H2O)m, Modulates Basal and UV-Induced Gene Expressions in Human Skin In Vivo” [Author: Shigeo Ohta, Journal: Nature Medicine, Year: 2007] “Electrolyzed-reduced water scavenges active oxygen species and protects DNA from oxidative Damage” [Author : S. Shirahata, Journal : BBRC(Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications), Year: 1997] 

Patented technology of solgo only

Large quantity of hydrogen retained in the water Minimum over 1,000ppb Hydrogen is not naturally containedin bottled or tap water.SOLCO’s hydrogen generatorsexcellent technology allows ordinary waterto contain strong and rich levelsof hydrogen moleculesand also allows them to be safely dissolvedin the water.

Long hydrogen retention time in the water 3 days of hydrogen retained in the water Hydrogen, one of the lightest substances, completely evaporates approximately 10 minutes after being dissolved into the water. SOLCO’s hydrogen-dissolved water generator is an innovative product allowing hydrogen to be retained for a long time.
Technological innovation of high dissolved hydrogen the electrolysis system with 6 layered titanium-platinum The electrolysis system with 6 layered titanium-platinum is the SOLCO’s patented technology allowing water(H2O) to be rapidly and safely separated into hydrogen(H2) and oxygen(O2), so that hydrogen can rapidly spread out into water molecules to be dissolved. 
Comparison video Normal water VS Hydrogen-dissolve water SOLCO hydrogen-dissolved water generator creates strong and rich hydrogen levels showing minimum 1,000ppb, high hydrogen-dissolved level

4 step nano filter system

You can drink SOLCO hydrogen-dissolved water without any concerns.

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